Saturday, January 3, 2009

Vitamin D and Cancer

I'd like to point readers to a couple of posts by Richard Nikoley over at Free the Animal, on the relationship between vitamin D status and various types of cancer. The epidemiology consistently shows an inverse relationship between vitamin D levels and cancer incidence. A few intervention trials also support a protective role of vitamin D against cancer. Increased sunscreen use has not reduced melanoma incidence, to the contrary. I've discussed this before as well. Richard got his graphs from the website GrassrootsHealth.

Vitamin D deficiency and All Cancer

Melanoma, Sun and its Synthetic Defeat (sunscreen)

Vitamin D is not just another vitamin. It's a hormone precursor that plays a fundamental role in the regulation of numerous bodily processes. Sunlight is an essential nutrient for physical and mental health.

Here are the best natural sources of vitamin D:
  • Sunlight
  • High-vitamin cold liver oil
  • Summer blood from animals raised outdoors (for example, blood sausage)
  • Fatty fish
Vitamin D is one of the few nutrients that may be worth supplementing during wintertime. Make sure to buy D3 and take at least 2,000 IU if you are going to bother.

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